Stanhoe Parish Council

STANHOE PARISH COUNCIL                                      



Clerk: Nicola Smith

Tel: 01485 518301


 1.      Welcome by the Chair 

2.      Public Session in accordance with the Public Participation Policy – 5 members of the public attended. No matters were raised. 

3.      Present and apologies – Cllr Wilson ( Chair), Cllr Fitzjohn , Cllr Shaw, Cllr Shearer, Cllr Lord, Cllr Leighton, Cllr Brown. Cllr Sandell attended from Borough. There were apologies from Cllr Fitzjohn ( Vice Chair) 

4.      To receive declaration of interests on agenda items. Cllr Shaw declared he was now a trustee on the MEHM trust. 

5.      Confirmation of the minutes, General Parish Council Meeting 19th July 2023. Cllr Wilson proposed. Seconded by Cllr Leighton. Minutes approved. 

6.      Matters arising

6.1 – Trods – report and estimate received from Highways. Due to the significant cost, discussion took place around, costs, permissive paths, consideration of paying for Trods in sections and funding. Cllr Sandell spoke about CIL funding, which requires match funding. Applications open in January 2024. Possible funding from the Parish Partnership Fund which requires support from the Parish Council, Highways, Residents, Borough and County Councils for any application. To be added to the Village Appearance project. Cllr Wilson to join the project.

- Speed limits – the report from Highways was discussed. To place on hold.

6.2 – B1454 Bircham Crossroads update – The white lines have now been repainted. Highways are looking at a review and longer term options. Report awaited. New Give Way signs should be installed in September.

6.3 – Joint meeting with MEHM Trust – There will be a meeting on 13th November for all stakeholders to discuss matters of mutual interest in the Hall. The sign at the play equipment requires updating. Cllr Wilson to progress. Cllr Fitzjohn and a Hall representative are reviewing how any public liability insurance would progess as both the Parish Council and the Hall have this in place and will discuss the wording of insurance. The joint meeting discussed health and safety issues. There was discussion around the grass cutting and options are available for consideration of how the grass cutting is maintained in the future.

Clerk to check the contract with CGM. Options were discussed for the Playing Field. A working group of the Parish Council and MEHM Trust to be established.

Clerks note – the contract with CGM is dated 16th November 2022. The contract will continue until either party gives 6 months notice.

6.4 -  Childrens Play Equipment and removal of broken equipment. To be removed 23rd September.

6.5 – War Memorial – work has commenced. Full clean and painting should take place on 18th September.

6.6 – Parish Council website – options had been considered by the working party. There were two issues – the need for legal compliance by the Parish Council to publish full policies etc and the information on Stanhoe.Org. It was proposed to set up a stand alone Parish Council website through NALC to ensure compliance and to continue to update Stanhoe.Org with news and relevant information plus a link to the Parish Council website. The Clerks contract is currently 4 hrs per week plus an additional 3 per month to update Stanhoe.Org. The 3 hours to be formally combined into contractual hours to provide for the updating of policies . Clerks hours to be contracted at 4.75 per week. Cllr Shaw proposed. Cllr Shearer seconded. Approved.

6.7 – SAM 2 and Speedwatch update – Cllr Wilson provided the following;

May 2023 – 14015 vehicles – 5% at 35-40 mph 0% above 40mph

June 2023 – 13301 vehicles – 2% at 35-40 mph 0% above 40mph

July 2023 – 31478 vehicles – 8% at 35-40 mph 1% above 40 mph 0% above 45mph

August 2023 – 27323 vehicles – 10% at 35-40 mph 1% above 40 mph 0% above 45 mph

6.8 – Village appearance – the working group had tidied around the Pond, cleaned the village sign, the broken bench by the War Memorial removed, one bench had been cleaned.Council to review the litter bins and noticeboard. Cllr Shaw to progress ideas on noticeboard. Cllr Leighton to obtain quotes on bins and planters. An  email received from a resident was discussed during this item.The Clerk to pass on their concerns to the Rangers for their October visit to Stanhoe. Clerk to request Highways to review the road markings at junction of Docking/Bircham/Burnham Road . 

7.      Agenda Items

7.1 – Confirmation of November meeting date –Cllr Wilson suggested the meetings be in the first week of the month to ensure articles for Saints Alive could meet the deadline. The meeting will be 9th November at 6pm

7.2 – Joint meeting with all parish groups – Meeting to be arranged for 13th November.

7.3 – Parish Council Strategy and Action plan – Cllr Shearer and Cllr Shaw to progress.

7.4 –NALC payroll for Clerk – This will ensure compliance . Cllr Shaw proposed. Cllr Shearer seconded. Approved.

7.5 – Approval of Stanhoe Parish Council Financial Regulations – Cllr Shaw proposed. Cllr Shearer seconded. Regulations approved.

7.6 – Approval of Stanhoe Parish Council Standing Orders – Cllr Shaw proposed. Cllr Shearer seconded. Approved.

7.7 – Article for Saints Alive – the Council meeting date to be in first week of the month. Cllr Wilson to prepare article following the meeting. Cllr Leighton to prepare article for the interim months. 

8.      Borough and County Councillor updates
8.1– Borough Councillor update- update given on Borough Council activity. The CIL panel had met but was heavily oversubscribed.
8.2 – County Councillor update – none available
9.      Correspondences received, where decision to be made.

9.1 Email from resident – discussed in Item 6.8

10.1 To approve accounts for payment. Cllr Wilson proposed. Cllr Shaw seconded. Payments approved.
 CGM  Litter pick and grass cut 10/07  £126
  CGM GRASS CUT 21/08 £126


10.2       – Income and expenditure accounts – noted by Council 

11.Planning matters
11.1 – Planning Applications received
Ref. No
Planning details
Parish Council Decision
Whaleback, Burnham Road,Stanhoe
Proposed 2 storey boat house and gym
Approved by Delegated Authority procedure
11.2 – Planning Applications received after agenda published - None
12. Delegated Decisions

       12.1 Planning application as above


13. Items to be added to the following months agenda -  None

14. Close - 7.30pm

Proposed date of next meeting Thursday 9th November 6pm