Stanhoe Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Friday, 17th July 2015 at 11.00am
in the village Reading Room
to consider planning application ref: 15/01056/0

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518409


Mr. T. Austin (TA)
Miss R. Brown (RB)
Mr. D. Lord (DL)
Mr. M. Roche (MR)
Mr. D. Bridge (DB)
Mr. A. Upton (AU)


Mr. D. Bridge (DB)
Mrs. J. Lord (JL)

One member of the public was present.

1. To consider apologies for absence

Apologies were received and accepted from DB and JL.

2. To record declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

MR declared an interest as the application to be discussed had been submitted by him.

3. To adjourn the meeting to allow public participation

The member of public present was the wife of MR who stated that great consideration had been given to the style and position of the proposed dwelling and there was a willingness to work with the planning authorities in order to satisfy any concerns the authority may have. The granting of permission for the dwelling would enable her and her husband to continue living permanently in the village where they had lived since 1978.

4. Consideration of application for outline planning permission for the erection of a dwelling on land adjoining the Old Rectory

Application documents and plans received from the Borough were circulated. A previous application for outline permission had been rejected by the Borough. Reasons for refusal were that the dwelling would impinge on the existing street view and would be detrimental to the character of the village.

According to current information supplied, the street view would not be altered since all trees and shrubs bordering Church Lane would remain. In addition, the design of the dwelling and building materials used would be in traditional Norfolk style.

To maintain council impartiality, MR and his wife did not take any part in the ensuing discussion.

After consideration of all aspects of the proposal, members could find no valid planning reason for objection. The proposed plans showed a building which would blend well with the village as a whole, was entirely in proportion to the size of the proposed site and would have no adverse affect on the nearby historic church and its surroundings.

Support of the application was proposed by AU, seconded by DL and agreed by all except MR who had abstained. A response in support of the application would be sent to the Borough.

No other matters were discussed and the meeting closed at 11.55am.