Stanhoe Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday, 10th November 2011 at 7.00pm
in the village Reading Room

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518409


Mr. T. Austin (TA)
Mrs. P. Austin (PA)
Mr. D. Bridge (DB)
Mrs. R. Brown (RB)
Mr. M. Roche (MR)
Mrs. P. Roche (PR)
Mr. J. Seedhouse (JS)

Two members of the public were also present.

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

All councillors present.

2. To consider approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

P.R. objected to the stark wording of the record of no apologies having been received. Apologies had been received from P.R. and M.R. after the meeting but the Minutes had already been issued. T.A. explained that the Minutes should simply record facts at the time of the meeting.

J.S. asked for a correction to item (9b) to reflect that any residents objecting to a change in flow of traffic proposals for Cross Lane were probably residents from other areas of the village and not residents of Cross Lane itself. He also thought the meeting closed later than 9.30pm. but a later time was not conclusively agreed.

The Minutes from the meeting on 8th September 2011 were then passed and signed by the Chairman.

3. To record declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

No declarations made.

4. To adjourn meeting for public participation

No members of public present.


T.A. had attended meeting held on 6th October 2011 in which the level of drinking and subsequent disruptive behaviour in Hunstanton was discussed. This was a particular problem during the ‘Lifestyle’ festival held in Hunstanton each year. Crime and anti-social behaviour has generally increased with statistics showing an increase of 10% during the last year, however, it was forecasted that there would be a reduction in the coming year. The next meeting is due to be held on 1st December 2011 at 6.00pm. at The Way, Downs Close, Hunstanton.

6. Highway Rangers

Work had been done to verges and area above the palisade fence opposite the pond. Weed filled ditches opposite The Duck Inn were still a problem and had the potential to cause flooding. Clerk is arranging to meet the Highways Engineer in Stanhoe to discuss this and other items.

7. Progress on Village Hall/Reading Room

M.R. (chairman of the MEHM Trust) reported that he would be meeting an architect the following morning to discuss possible alterations and improvements to the village hall. The Trust was also in touch with various bodies which could assist with the formulation of a lottery funding application. This needed to clearly demonstrate ongoing positive outcomes for the local community. Various ideas had been put forward for community activities, including a wine tasting evening and cinema evening. Work was being done currently on devising a new logo for the hall/reading room and it was hoped that finger post road signs would be erected. Some councillors commented that local people would perhaps like to see some targets published as to money raised and potential completion dates on some of the proposals.

8. Amalgamation of Barwick & Stanhoe

This possibility has been discussed for some years. The Borough Council had been considering a review of small parishes and boundaries but this has now been shelved. Although not having its own parish council, Barwick could form a parish meeting group which could then take items forward to its Borough Council representative. It was agreed that amalgamation seemed to have no distinct advantage for either village.

9. Scrap site at Bircham Road/Fakenham Road crossroads

This falls within the boundaries of Docking Parish Council and the clerk had written to that council to enquire if anything could be done to eliminate this eyesore. The reply stated that the owners of the site had applied for planning permission to build two bungalows on the land and, if this was granted, the scrap would be cleared from the site.

10. Updates on ongoing matters

a) War Memorial Instead of paying for professional cleaning, D.B. volunteered to undertake the cleaning assisted by J.S. The memorial was greatly improved by this work and councillors recorded their sincere thanks to both concerned. Some thought was being given to a means of a permanent fixing for the poppy wreath.

b) Cross Lane traffic No further developments.

c) Bottle Bank Clerk had spoken with a member of the waste collection team at the Borough Council and consideration was being given to some form of sound proofing within the bin. Clerk to follow up.

d) Blacksmith’s Workshop The clerk had been unable to establish ownership of this building which was in danger of being lost to the community through lack of attention. Further investigations to be made.

e) Proposed Incinerator at Saddlebow A request had been received for a financial contribution towards the legal costs of the campaign against this proposal. Councillors felt that the parish precept funding could not legitimately be used for this purpose but information was circulated on ways for individuals to contribute if they so wished.

f) Review of polling stations and districts Following discussion at the previous meeting and objections to the proposed changes, the clerk had written to the electoral officer setting out the objections. T.A. had also written to the local M.P. who had in turn written to the Borough Council also expressing objections. A decision is awaited.

g) Overgrown Hedges One village resident had ignored all requests to cut back an overgrowing hedge and the clerk had written to the Highways Dept. asking them to inspect the hedge and clarify if it constituted a highway obstruction. Instead of reporting back to the clerk, a member of the Highways Dept. had written directly but had, unfortunately, sent his letter to the wrong householder who had been offended. The clerk would send a letter of apology to the offended householder and ask the Highways Dept. to do the same. The clerk would also try to arrange a meeting on site with the Highways engineer to discuss the problem hedge and other matters within the village.

11. Update on Wind Farms:

A joint public enquiry is due to be held on 31st January 2012 in connection with the applications for both Chiplow and Jack’s Lane sites.

12. Annual Parish Meeting 2012

This was set for Thursday, 26th April 2012 at 7.30pm. P.R. kindly offered once again to organise refreshments. A specific topic for discussion and the possibility of a guest speaker would be considered.

13. Diamond Jubilee event

A meeting took place on 26th October 2011 attended by representatives of the W.I., the parochial church council, MEHM Trust and the parish council for which Minutes had been circulated. Various ideas for commemorating the event were put forward and it was agreed that a cross organisation working party of probably 6 people should be formed. T.A. and P.A. stated they would be unable to join the working party due to personal circumstances in the coming months. Another meeting had been arranged for 23rd November 2011 when it was hoped the working party would be officially formed. D.B. and J.S. volunteered to represent the parish council.

14. Speed signs for bins

There was an opportunity to purchase from another parish in Norfolk some laminated adhesive signs to attach to refuse bins asking drivers to slow down when driving through the village. The signs could be seen for as long as bins stood by the roadside although there was some doubt expressed by some members as to the effectiveness of signs. It was agreed to purchase 50 signs initially.

15. Planning Matters

Approval had been granted by the Borough for alterations to Grange Bungalow on Docking Road.

16. Financial update and approval of payments

The clerk circulated a statement showing recent income and expenditure and a copy of bank statements. An on-line banking facility was now available to the clerk which enabled only the transfer of funds between the parish accounts and the ability to print off statements. No payments of any kind could be made on-line. Approval was given for the payment of the clerk’s salary.

17. To receive items for the next Agenda

Meeting scheduled for 12th January 2012.

  • updates on ongoing matters
  • Diamond Jubilee meeting & plans
  • geese on village pond
  • T-junction sign on Bircham Road near village pond
  • Budget for 2012/13

No other items discussed. Meeting closed at 9.30pm.