Stanhoe Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday 11th March 2010 at 7.00pm
in the village Reading Room

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518409


Mr T Austin – Chairman (TA)
Mrs P Austin (PA)
Mr D Bridge (DB)
Miss R Brown (RB)
Mr M Roche (MR)
Mrs P Roche (PR)


Mrs G Fenn (GF)

One member of the public was also in attendance.

1. To consider apologies for absence

Due to the recent death of her husband, GF was unable to attend. The Council wished to minute their sympathy and send condolences.

2. To consider approval of the Minutes of previous meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 14th January 2010 were approved and signed by the Chairman after noting that thanks should have been recorded to Tom Ransom and John Seedhouse for clearing and tidying the land adjacent to the Reading Room.

3. To record declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

In regard to Item 8 of the Agenda, interest was declared by MR as he is Chairman of the Reading Room Trustees.

4. To adjourn meeting to allow public participation

The member of public present had no questions or comments.

5. To receive updates on previously discussed items

(i) The Clerk reported that an attempt had been made by the RSPCA to capture the unwanted geese but they had proved elusive. It was agreed that Mr/s. Scales, who owned two other geese normally on the pond, should be contacted with a view to them penning the unwanted geese to await collection by the RSPCA. Clerk to follow up this matter.

(ii) The Parish Council had been notified that closure of the recycling centre was postponed until 30th June 2010 pending a further feasibility study, however, the Chairman had received word that the closure would take place regardless. TA has written to Cllr. Ian Monson to express concern.

(iii) Some members of the Parish Council had walked the proposed new route for the byway at High Barn and recommended acceptance of the proposal due to it being an improvement. All agreed. Notification of decision to be sent to property owner and Borough Council.

(iv) MR had made contact with a land agent regarding possible availability of land for allotments and was awaiting a response.

(v) EON about to submit planning application for erection of turbines at Chiplow. An anemometer mast to be erected at Fring in connection with proposed Docking wind farm. RES had announced their decision to apply for permission to erect six turbines on land owned by Barwick Hall Farm as part of Jack’s Lane development. A Liaison group meeting will be held in Stanhoe Village Hall on Monday, 15th March at 7.00pm. TA to attend as member of the group. Meeting open to the public.

(vi) Planning permission had been granted to the Crown public house for alterations.

6. Disposal of dead ducks

RB asked for guidance on disposal of ducks accidently killed by passing traffic. These had previously been put in the general waste bin but she had been informed that this was not acceptable. Clerk to make enquiries with Borough Council.

7. Annual Parish Meeting

This will be held on Thursday evening, 22nd April 2010 at 7.30pm. in the village hall. TA had arranged for a Speaker who was an opponent of wind farms and was trying to arrange for another Speaker who was in favour. PR will organize refreshments.

8. Reading Room fees for Parish Council use

Historically £200 per annum had been paid by the Parish Council, however, this was far in excess of the published hourly rate for use by members of the village. Also, no invoice for use had been received by the Council for two years. It was agreed that MR would arrange for issue of the relevant invoice and that, in future, a fee of £100 per annum would be paid for use of the Reading Room for Council meetings and a voluntary donation of £100 would be given to the Trust in the coming year. The level of the donation to be considered on an annual basis.

9. To approve payments

The Council approved payment to the Clerk for salary and expenses covering the period 20th January to 28th February 2010. Also approved was the annual subscription of £20 to the Playing Fields Association. There was some discussion on the possible letting of the playing field in future. Clerk to investigate cost of maintenance as the field was no longer used by a village football team and cutting could be less frequent.

10. To receive items for next Agenda and set dates for future meetings:

Agenda items: Meeting cost of Reading Room rental for CIP use.

Repair of palisade fence near village pond.

Possible walking inspection of village by councillors.

Re-pointing of Village Cross.

Future Dates: It was agreed that meetings should be held on the 2nd Thursday of alternate months with the possible exception of May. This results in meeting dates of:

27th May 2010 / 8th July 2010 / 9th September 2010 / 11th November 2010 / 13th January 2011 / 10th March 2011.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.