Stanhoe Parish Council

Clerk to Council – , Southgate House, Docking Road, Stanhoe, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 8QF

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday 24th September 2009 in Village Hall at 7pm

Present: Cllrs Terry Austin (Chairman), Pamela Austin, Gill Fenn, Rosemary Brown, Don Bridge

Also in attendance were two members of Public.

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

Pen Roche, Mark Roche – Apologies accepted.

2. To record declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed

No interests were declared.

3. To approve the Minutes of the last council meeting held on 2nd July 2009

Minutes approved as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

4. To adjourn meeting to allow public participation

John Seedhouse reported to the council that the Speed limit sign on the Docking Rd near Stanhoe Hall had been damaged. It was agreed to pass this on to the Highways department so it could be fixed.

John Seedhouse raised the idea of an island in the centre of the pond (aka the Pit) at the Green. This would give the ducks a place of refuge. As regards cost he suggested the N.C.C could be involved and they might do it at minimal cost.

Charles Butcher was present to see if the minutes of Parish Council meetings could be published on the Stanhoe Website. It was agreed to publish the minutes on the web after they had been approved and signed at the following P.C. meeting.

5. To receive Pond Proposal

The pond proposal was discussed and council resolved to publicise the pond proposal to get the views of the villagers. It was agreed that this would be done on the website and though Saints Alive.

6. To discuss village litter

Litter is ongoing problem in the Village. It was agreed to approach the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) about the problem and to ask what advice and help could be given. RB agreed to take action to talk to PCSO.

7. To receive update on wind farms

Terry Austin gave the council an update on a meeting he attended with Simon Peltenburg of RES ( the wind farm developers).

8. To discuss Parish Clerk post

Parish council resolved to give Chair the authority to discuss the post of Parish Clerk with suitable candidates and allow him to negotiate salary up to a maximum of £1500. A job description should also be drawn up.

9. To receive report on emergency plan

TA asked councillors to look again at the draft village emergency plan and prepare comments for next meeting.

10. To discuss trees on Cross Lane

No further progress to report.

11. To receive update on playing field fence replacement

It was agreed that fence condition would be kept under observation for the time being.

12. To approve payments

Payment to the Parish Clerk for salary and office expenses approved.

13. Correspondence

a. NCC Footpath assessment report.

The report decision is that Stanhoe has not been successful in having a footpath approved.

b. Mr Leverton asked that the area around the tree planted in memory of his parents at the Pit could be improved. Don Bridge agreed to see what he could do.

c. Stanhoe Church Council (SCC) have written to ask if the Stanhoe Parish Council has any claim to a strip of land between the old and new churchyard.

The parish council is not aware of any claim the Parish council may have to this land. It was agreed to write to SCC to advise them we had no claim and to ask if they knew who owned the path to the graveyard from Docking Rd.

d. Mr Bryan Williams (developer) of High Barns has unofficially written proposing a permanent re-routing of the Stanhoe Byway No. 1.

Chair to contact Anabel Symington to ask her views. Clerk to contact Footpath officer to ascertain his knowledge of the proposal.

e. Mayors Civic Awards for Voluntary Service.

Parish Council asked to forward name of any person they think should be recognised for the work they do on a voluntary basis. P.C. agreed on a person whose name should be put forward. RB to fill in form and TA to sign on behalf of P.C.

14. To receive items for next agenda and set meeting dates


Emergency Plan

Wind Farms

Litter Update

Parish Meeting


a. Parish annual meeting set for 22nd April 2010

b. 26th November 2009

c. 14th January 2010