Stanhoe Pit



Gardens success

Damp weather didn’t deter visitors to Stanhoe’s Open Gardens day.


Congratulations Ellen!

Ellen Finch, who lived in Stanhoe for many years, is 100 today.


Open Gardens

Saturday 18 June is the big day for Stanhoe’s gardeners.


A very special tea

Stanhoe WI celebrated the Jubilee in style.


July film

Belfast (12) is showing in Stanhoe on Friday 15 July.


Stanhoe Parish Council Exercising of Public Rights

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22


Jubilee jollies

The Queen’s 70 reigning years have not gone unnoticed in Stanhoe.


Tide times

Wells 28 Jun
02:48 low (-0.05m)
07:07 high (2.95m)
15:06 low (0.31m)
19:24 high (3.05m)

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Stanhoe Parish Council

Draft Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday, 11th November 2021 at 6.00pm
in the village Reading Room

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518570


Mr D. Lord                     Chairman
Miss R. Brown
Mrs R. Birkin  
Mr M. Wilson
Mr B. Gorton
Dr S. Shaw
Mr T. Fitzjohn



In attendance:

4 members of the public

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming two new Councillors who had been co-opted by unanimous decision; Mr Tim Fitzjohn and Dr Steve Shaw, who both reside in Stanhoe. The Chairman warmly welcomed their membership. The Chairman also took the opportunity to thank Cllr Jenny Lord for her 6+ years of service. The Chairman expressed how fortunate the village is to have a full council who are totally committed to serving the village’s needs and meeting its future requirements. RBR further reiterated the significant contribution that Cllr Jenny Lord had made during her tenure, in particular Jenny’s ability to always give a considered and impartial view.

1. To consider apologies for absence: All Councillors were present.

2. To consider approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 9th September 2021: No queries were raised and the minutes were passed and signed by the Chairman.

3. To record declarations of interest in any item to be discussed: No declarations of interest were made.

4. To adjourn meeting to allow public participation:  A member of the public asked whether there had been any significant reduction in speeding in the village since the village gates had been installed. Whilst the Chairman did not have all the data to hand, he would investigate and provide a public response in the next edition of Saints Alive. Notwithstanding, Council expressed that whilst they felt speeding had slowly reduced over recent years it was at times still excessive so they would further consider what more could be done.

5. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons – 2nd June 2022: The Chairman briefed Council on the planned lighting of beacons on 2nd June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Chairman requested the Clerk to send full details to all Councillors so that they could consider the options and discuss in more detail at the next meeting.

6. Go to Town Bus Service: RBR advised Council that she had still not received a response where she had queried why there is no return service from Kings Lynn to Stanhoe on a Saturday or Sunday. RBR would make further contact with the WNCT Manager regarding this. RBR also informed Council that in addition to the Service 21, there was also a service from Stanhoe to Fakenham on a Thursday leaving at approximately 9.30am and returning at approximately 12.45pm. Furthermore, there is also a Volunteer Car Service offering door to door car transport for medical appointments. Further details on these 2 additional services can be obtained by calling 01553 776971.

7. Public Space Protection Order (Dog Control Order) Renewal Consultation: The current Public Space Protection Order (Dog Control Order) is due to expire on 1st December 2021. The BCKLWN intend to renew the Order, without amendment, for a further 3 years. Councillors were content with the current order and would not therefore be submitting any comments.

8. Additional Geese arrive at the Pond: A resident had made the Clerk aware of the arrival of 2 additional domestic geese on the pond and had asked whether the Parish Council were able to arrange for the geese to be moved to more suitable accommodation. Whilst Council felt there was little they could do, the Chairman requested the Clerk to contact the RSPB to see if they could offer any advice.

9. SAM 2 Update: The SAM 2 had been working without issue. The fastest recorded speeds within the 30mph limit from 1st September 2021 to 31st October 2021 had been:

Date Time Speed Sign Position
21st September 04:50 60mph Pond facing Docking
4th October 05:20 65mph Grange facing Docking

 During September 31,488 vehicles passed the speed sign, in October the figure was 17,048 vehicles.

10. Message from HM Lord Lieutenant: The Lieutenancy Office have offered Norfolk Parishes, at no cost, a specially commissioned memorial plaque to commemorate the resilience of communities during the pandemic. The plaques are suitable for indoor or outdoor display. In view of the vast number of meals the Duck Inn had provided to the NHS during the height of the pandemic, SS felt that the Duck Inn may be an appropriate location to display the plaque. Council felt this was a good idea so the Chairman agreed to discuss with Ben Handley at the Duck Inn.

11. Overgrown Trees and Hedges: The Chairman had discussed the cutting of verges and hedges on Church Lane with the relevant landowner (AR) and had established that it was the responsibility of Norfolk County Council. The Clerk had subsequently contacted the Highway Engineer at Norfolk County Council and had received the following response:

“Grass cutting has been completed for this year. Unfortunately the County Council members decided not to do a second cut on the unclassified roads, which Church lane is, and therefore it will not be cut again this year and under routine maintenance we do not cut verges at this time of year, as they die back naturally.”

In addition, the Clerk had asked whether culverts could be cut into the bank on Church Lane at intervals where it is not possible for pedestrians, cyclists etc to move aside, due to the steepness of the bank, when meeting with vehicles. The following response was received:

 “Whilst I fully appreciate the issue with cyclists and pedestrians, this is a narrow rural road, and what you would expect in such a rural location. Highways would not look to provide ‘culverts’ as you describe, as the banks are too steep and there is insufficient room for them. Highway users should use the Highway according to the condition of the Highway in that location and at that time, i.e. with due care and consideration.”

 RBR asked if Derek Scales could be asked to keep any protruding pieces of foliage, thistles and brambles trimmed back to allow for safe passage along the footpath opposite the junction at the pond, and for the road signs to be visible. This could be included in the village maintenance undertaken by Derek. Council were agreement for this to happen; the Clerk would contact Derek and ask if he could include this additional work in his village maintenance duties.

12. Children’s Play Area - Update: BG and DL had replaced the broken aerial walkway with a ‘fixed’ walkway at no cost to the Council, other than materials. The replacement of shackles and caps, identified in the 2021 Annual Inspection, had still to be rectified. MW agreed to hasten the contractor, Playscape. MW would also arrange a date for the 2022 inspection of the play equipment.

13. Parish Update Session by the BCKLWN: The Planning Service would hold a Parish Council update session on 15th November 2021. SS and TF had both kindly agreed to attend remotely or in person, and would report back at the next meeting.

14. MEHM Trust Matters: The Chair of the MEHM Trust had notified Councillors, through the Clerk, that the floor in the bar area of the Village Hall was ‘spongy’ as a result of the chipboard floor and some supporting timbers being rotten. Councillors were advised not to enter the bar area unless absolutely necessary. Routine Council business in the Village Hall would however, be unaffected.

15. Egmere Energy Traffic: The harvest causing the heavy tractor traffic is now over, not without some significant disturbance to residents. A number of residents had asked the Parish Council why tractor movements were still taking place after 10.00pm on a Saturday evening. Egmere Energy had apologised for this inconvenience explaining that they had encountered a number of breakdowns and were also trying to beat the bad weather forecast for the Sunday. Nevertheless, the Parish Council felt the season was less obtrusive and inconsiderate than in previous years, and the operators are no longer in doubt about our feelings.

 MW had met virtually with the Egmere Auditors on 11 November. The main points to report are:

 All audit data (exceptions being electricity consumed & fuel transferred to the grid) are generated by the site.

The plant only uses farmed feedstock i.e. Maize & Rye, thus is not required to be regulated by the Environment Agency.

There are no waste products in the feedstock.

Farmers who grow for Egmere Energy have an annual negotiation on volumes and price, hence it is known in advance where and what volume of traffic we can likely expect.

16. Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2022: Subject to no objections, meetings would move to the 2nd Wednesday of alternate months from January 2022.

The dates, subject to confirmation, would be:

12th January
9th March
11th May (to be followed by Annual Parish Meeting)
13th July
14th September
9th November

All meetings would start at 6.00pm.

17. Planning Applications and Information: Nothing to report since the last meeting.

18. Financial Report and approval of payments: Up to date income & expenditure accounts, budget report and bank statements were circulated to Councillors by the Clerk. No queries were raised.

Approval was sought and agreed for the following payments:

Chq No Payee Reason £
100842 J. Faulks Village maintenance 25.00
100843 B. Gorton Materials for children’s play equipment 52.70
100844 W. Leighton Salary September & October 2021 325.68
100845 HMRC PAYE September & October 2021 81.40
100846 W. Leighton Expenses – Printer paper and ink 84.96

19. Resident’s Concerns/Issues Raised after the Agenda was Published:

Email from Reverend Peter Cook: Reverend Peter Cook had written to the Parish Council, through the Chairman and the Clerk, to thank the Parish Council for its kind generosity in supporting the maintenance of the Stanhoe Church churchyard.

NCC Budget Presentation – 8th December: The Chairman had intended to attend the NCC Budget Proposal Webinar on 8th December at 7.00pm, but was now not able to. MW and SS agreed to attend on behalf of the Chairman and the Parish Council.

Local Project Grants from the CIL Fund: RBR had been made aware of local project grants that were available from the CIL Fund held by the BCKLWN. Councillors would bear these grants in mind should items of play equipment need replacement.

20. Items for the Next Agenda – Meeting of 12th January 2022:

Additional Geese on the Pond - Update
Go to Town Bus - Update
SAM 2 – Update
Children’s Play Area – Update
Confirmation of Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2022.

No other items were discussed and the meeting closed at 7.30pm.