Stanhoe Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday, 14th January 2021 at 6.00pm
via Zoom

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518570


Mr D. Lord (DL)                     Chairman
Miss R. Brown (RBR)
Mrs J. Lord (JL)
Mrs R. Birkin (RB)  
Mr M. Wilson (MW)
Mr B. Gorton (BG)

Mr W Leighton (Clerk)



In attendance:


1.  To consider apologies for absence: All Councillors were present on the call.

2.  To consider approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 14th November 2020: No queries were raised and it was agreed the minutes would be signed by the Chairman when possible.

3.  To record declarations of interest in any item to be discussed: No declarations of interest were made.

4.  Docking Recycling Centre: DL had been made aware that there was a discussion on the ‘Nextdoor’ website relating to the possible reduction of operating hours/closure of the Docking Recycling Centre. This was following a review that had taken place between October and December 2020. DL had contacted Andrew Jamieson, Norfolk County Councillor and Cabinet Member for Finance, to express concern on behalf of Stanhoe Parish Council and the residents of Stanhoe. Andrew Jamieson confirmed that consideration was being given to reducing the operating hours by 1 per day but there were no plans for closure. However, after due consideration, Andrew Jamieson reported back to DL that the proposal to reduce the operating hours had been scrapped. Councillors agreed this was excellent news; the Docking Recycling Centre is a very well used and valuable asset providing an excellent service to Stanhoe and other surrounding villages.

5.  Review of Parish Council Policy Documents: The Chairman advised that the review was still ongoing. A further update would be provided at the next Parish Council meeting.

6.  Children’s Play Area Fencing - Update: The installation of the fencing around the children’s play area was now complete and all bills had been settled. Total costs involved were £1065.34 for materials and £750 for labour, £1815.34 including VAT of £177.56.

The sharing of costs with the MEHM Trust had been agreed as follows:

Total costs of £1815.34 ÷ 2 = £907.67 – This figure is in line with the MEHM Trust’s agreement to fund 50% of all material and labour costs, up to a maximum of £1000, plus 50% of the cost of all fixtures and fittings.

£907.67 - £750 for labour paid by the MEHM Trust = £157.67 due to the Parish Council from the MEHM Trust.

This £157.67 can be offset by 50% of the VAT (£88.78), as the Parish Council will in due course claim back the VAT.

The net figure due to the Parish Council from the MEHM Trust would therefore be £68.89 - this has subsequently been received.

For completion, BG agreed to fix a ‘Please Shut the Gate’ sign to the entrance. MW queried the widening of the entrance to the playing field; DL confirmed that this had been completed in accordance with the initial plans to remove hedging back to the gatepost, previously hidden.

Finally, all Councillors expressed their thanks for the phenomenal personal contribution that BG had made to the project which had undoubtedly saved both the Parish Council and the MEHM Trust further expense.

7.  SAM 2 Update: The SAM 2 had been working without issue. The fastest recorded speeds within the 30mph limit for November and December 2020 had been:

Date Time Speed Sign Position
24th November 21:55 65mph Leo facing Burnham Market
17th December 04:25 65mph Grange facing Docking

During November 9,247 vehicles passed the speed sign, in December the figure was 12,232 vehicles; a considerable reduction in vehicles travelling through the village.

8.  Rangers Visit: The Clerk informed Councillors that the Rangers were scheduled to visit the village sometime during January. The Rangers had been requested to clear the storm drains in Cross Lane, clean all street furniture and the village gates, sweep the footpath from the junction by the pond to the Duck Inn and clear the drainage pipe that runs into the pond at the Bircham Road/Burnham Road junction.

9.  Village Spring Clean: The Great British Spring Clean is scheduled to take place between 28th May 2021 and 13th June 2021. Councillors agreed to defer the setting of a date for the ‘Stanhoe litter pick’ until the next meeting when more may be known on the relaxing of current Government restrictions. BG suggested, and Councillors agreed, that the ‘pick’ should be extended just beyond the village boundaries as litter was inclined to be dropped before those responsible entered the village.

10. Biomass Traffic: The Chairman had received an email from a resident expressing concern at the amount of heavy traffic travelling through the village during the summer to the Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Egmere. The email also included a document compiled by ‘local residents’ and included the following disclaimer:

“It is not an “official” document. It has not been checked with the plant, its owner, its operator or with the responsible planning authority. It is quite possible, therefore, that it contains errors.”

Some Councillors felt the document should be further distributed, but with uncertainty surrounding the validity of some of the information, and without permission of the unknown ‘author’, this was decided against.  Nevertheless, Councillors did not underestimate the significant impact that the heavy traffic had upon Stanhoe residents and other surrounding village’s residents. The Chairman agreed therefore, to draft an email to other local Parish Councils offering to join any consolidated effort there may be to highlight the issues to Future Biogas, who manage the plant at Egmere. It was also felt that copying the email to local MP’s, the Police and the Stanhoe Speedwatch Coordinator could add further weight. The Chairman would send his draft to Councillors for comment, prior to sending on.

MW thought he may know the author of the document, so agreed to try and confirm this.

11. Planning Applications and Information: The following planning applications had been received or decided upon since the last meeting:

Application Number Proposal Decision
20/01714/F First floor side extension and front porch. 

Ivy Cottage
Docking Road

No objection from the Parish Council

Application permitted by BCKLWN on 22nd December 2020


Erection of detached oak framed garage 

The Old Norfolk Hero
Bircham Road

No objection from the Parish Council

Extension and alteration 

The Old Stores
Docking Road

The Parish Council objected to the use of cladding and raised other comments including, but not limited to, parking and the extent of the development. 

This was a majority decision by the Parish Council


Lawful Development Certificate – proposed pool building and swimming pool 

Old Rectory
Church Lane

Parish Council not invited to comment at this stage

The Parish Council had been informed by the Environment and Planning Directorate, BCKLWN that the address formerly known as Beulah Cottage, Bircham Road would now be known as Beulah House.

A resident had notified the Chairman of an open garage/cart shed that had been erected in the vicinity of The Green and had queried whether planning permission for such a structure was required. A number of Councillors had looked at the structure and did not feel that planning permission was required. The Chairman advised the resident accordingly and suggested that contact should be made with the planning department at the BCKLWN if the answer was felt to be unsatisfactory.

14. Financial Report and approval of payments: Up to date income & expenditure accounts, budget report and bank statements had been emailed to Councillors by the Clerk. A finalised budget for 2021/22, encompassing some minor line entry changes, had also been circulated. No queries were raised.

Approval was sought and agreed for the following payments:

Chq No Payee Reason £
100812 D. Lord Conference Call Costs – November 2020 55.42
100813 W. Leighton Salary November & December 2020 325.68
100814 HMRC PAYE November & December 2020 81.40

15. Resident’s Concerns/Issues Raised after the Agenda was Published:

Illicit Mobile Homes in the Paddock, Parsons Lane: DL advised Council that the hearing scheduled for 16th December 2020 has been adjourned as the BCKLWN believed the mobile homes/caravans had been removed from the site. When the BCKLWN were informed that the mobile homes/caravans were still on site a further hearing was scheduled for 13th January 2021 – this was subsequently adjourned, reason unknown.

A further hearing had been scheduled for mid-February 2021.

16. Items for the Next Agenda – Meeting of 11th March 2021:

SAM 2 – Update
Review of Parish Council Policy Documents
Mobile Homes in the Paddock, Parsons Lane
Village Spring Clean
Biomass Traffic           

No other items were discussed and the meeting closed at 7.05pm.