Stanhoe Parish Council

Draft Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday, 11th July 2019 at 6.00pm
in the village Reading Room

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518570


Mr D. Lord (DL)                     Chairman
Miss R. Brown (RBR)
Mrs J. Lord (JL)
Mrs R. Birkin (RB)
Mr M. Wilson (MW)
Mr B. Gorton (BG)



In attendance:



1.         To consider apologies for absence: All Councillors were present.

2.         To consider approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 16th May 2019: No queries were raised and the minutes were passed and signed by the Chairman.

3.         To record declarations of interest in any item to be discussed: No declarations of interest were made.

4.         To adjourn the meeting to allow for public participation: No members of the public were present.

5.         Welcome to Brian Gorton: The Chairman welcomed Brian Gorton to the Parish Council and to his first meeting. Brian was a retired builder and had lived in Stanhoe for many years.

6.         Councillor Responsibilities: The Chairman proposed to Council that responsibilities for a particular area/activity be allocated to individual councillors. The responsibility would be to ‘monitor’ and        highlight any issues to full Council; by email/phone if an early response was required or at the next Council meeting for routine matters. With Council in agreement, the following responsibilities were allocated:

Go to Town Transport – RBR
Children’s Play Equipment – MW
Main Village Pond, ‘The Pit’ – BG

7.         Upkeep of the Village Pond: A huge amount of work had been done by BG, assisted by DL, on clearing the overgrowth that had impacted on the overall appearance of the pond and restricted the walkway to the rear of the pond. The ‘new look’ was a vast improvement and now made the area much more appealing. The Clerk would contact Norfolk County Council to see if assistance could be provided to clear the cuttings that had amassed. Finally, BG had noted that the quality of the water in the pond appeared quite poor, so agreed to monitor.

8.         Village Gates: The order for the village gates had now been placed. It was anticipated that installation would take place in late summer 2019.

9.         Go to Town Transport Update: Nothing further to report.

10.       SAM 2 Update: The SAM 2 continued to operate without issue. The fastest recorded speeds for May and June 2019 had been:

08.30  13th May         95mph            Sign Position: Docking Rd facing Docking
12.50  29th June        90mph            Sign Position: Bircham Rd facing Bircham

11.       Better Broadband for Norfolk – Update: It was anticipated that Solution 2 of the programme, covering Bircham Road in the main, would be live in late 2019/early 2020.

12.       Permissive Paths in and around the Village: MW agreed to produce a ‘sectional‘ route around the village detailing where the ‘path’ would encroach private land, requiring consent of the landowner. This would then be further discussed at the September meeting.

13.       Proposed Half Pipe Skate Ramp: The Chairman had discussed the subject with the Chair of the MEHM Trust. MEHM interest in the project appeared to have waned so there was no further need for the Parish Council’s support with respect to planning.

14.       Parish Partnership Scheme 2020/2021: Norfolk County Council had confirmed that the Parish Partnership Scheme would continue in FY 2020/2021. Stanhoe had benefitted from the scheme in recent years with the SAM 2 and the soon to be installed Village Gates. Council agreed to consider other improvements that could be funded under the scheme and report back at the September meeting.

15.       Planning Applications and Information: No planning applications had been received or decided upon since the last meeting.

16.       Financial Report and Approval of Payments: Up to date income and expenditure accounts, budget report and bank statements were circulated by the Clerk. No queries were raised.

            Approval was sought and agreed for the following payments:


Chq No Payee Reason £
100767 Information Commissioner Annual Fee 40.00
100768 NALC Annual Subscription 95.36
100769 Glasdon UK Dog Waste Bin 310.83
100770 Borough Council Kings Lynn Election Expenses 47.80
100771 W. Leighton Salary May/June 317.72
100772 W. Leighton Expenses May/June 67.97
100773 HMRC Tax May/June 79.60


17.       Resident’s Concerns/Issues Raised after the Agenda was Published:

            Planning Update Sessions: Planning update sessions would be held at the Town Hall in Kings Lynn on 25th September 2019 at 2.00pm and 6.00pm. Each session would last for approximately 2 hours. Councillors wishing to attend one of the sessions should notify the Clerk, who would then make the necessary arrangements.

18.       Items for the Next Agenda – Meeting of 26th September 2019:

Parish Partnership Scheme
Children’s Play Equipment
Permissive Paths

No other items were discussed and the meeting closed at 7.05pm.