Stanhoe Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Thursday, 19th September 2018 at 6.00pm
in the village Reading Room

Clerk to the Council – , tel 01485 518570

Mr. D. Lord (DL) Chairman             
Mr. D. Bridge (DB)
Miss. R. Brown (RB)
Mrs. J. Lord (JL)
Mr. D. Vincent (DV)

Mr M. Roche (MR)                       

In Attendance:
4 Members of the Public

1. To consider apologies for absence:  MR had given his apologies.

2. To consider approval of the Minutes of the last meeting held on 12th July 2018:  No queries were raised and the Minutes were passed and signed by the Chairman.

3. To record declarations of interest in any item to be discussed:  No declarations of interest were made.

4. To adjourn the meeting to allow for public participation:  Members of the Public were Mr and Mrs Wilson of The Lodge, Docking Road, Stanhoe and two further residents.

Mrs Wilson explained to the Council that a retrospective planning application in respect of The Lodge, to address the discrepancies between the original planning application and the actual build, had been submitted to the BCKLWN. (See also item 14).

Concern was raised regarding the speed of Broadband being experienced by some residents and the number of residents who had ‘lost service’ during recent weeks. (See also item 10).

A resident advised Council of a revised planning application that had been submitted for Station Farm Cottage. Council confirmed that they were aware of the application and had responded to the BCKLWN. (See also item 14).

5. Upkeep of the Village Pond: A number of residents had made comment, by email and by telephone, on the current visual state of the village pond and the impact that ‘no water’ was having on the wildlife which normally resided on the pond. The Clerk had obtained a quote to dig out and remove approximately 700 tons of mud/silt – the cost would be £3364.80 inc VAT. Alternatively, the contractor could provide a ‘daily rate’ of £648.00 inc VAT. Whilst Council were extremely sympathetic to the concerns raised, the costs involved, which had not been budgeted for, were simply unaffordable. Council agreed to consider a line entry for the costs involved in the upkeep of the pond in the January 2019 Budget Setting Meeting.

6. Go to Town Transport: The Clerk had chased WNCT for a response to the Parish Council’s offer to make a contribution of £400 for the coming year. WNCT thanked the Parish Council and confirmed that they would be willing to accept the contribution.

7. Parish Partnership Bids: The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Partnership Scheme Initiative did include ‘Village Gates’ under the scheme. Council felt that ‘Village Gates’ would enhance the entrances to the village and requested the Clerk to obtain quotes for the supply and installation of such gates.

8. Request for Funding – All Saints Church and BMACCS: Requests for donations had been received from representatives of All Saints Church and the BMACCS, Council agreed to make the following donations:

All Saints Church        £200.00
BMACCS                    £120.00

9. Playing Field:

Dog Bin Provision and ‘No Dogs’ Signs:  MR had advised the Clerk that the application process would be completed on his return from holiday. No further update on the new signs for the playing field, ‘Dogs are Welcome provided Owners Clean Up’, was available.

Dog Fouling on the Children’s Play Area:  A reminder would be placed in Saints Alive to remind residents of this issue.

Play Equipment Inspection: DV would pass on details of the Inspector so that arrangements could be made for the annual inspection of the children’s play equipment.

Half Pipe Skate Ramp: The Chairman of the MEHM Trust had advised Council that the Trust were keen to fund a half pipe skate ramp for use by older children/young adults. The ramp would be placed a distance away from the younger children’s play equipment. Two young adults kindly attended the meeting to express their interest in the project and explain how the ramp would be used. They felt there would be around 15 regular users from the local area. Whilst Council were in full support of the initiative, the finer details regarding planning permission, insurance, liability etc needed to be researched and confirmed. The Chairman would discuss with the Chairman of the MEHM Trust.

10. Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) - Update: The Programme Director for BBfN had confirmed that the first phase installation should be completed by the end of September 2018 and the second phase installation by the summer of 2019. Issues with the loss of telephone and/or broadband facilities continued. The Clerk would email the Programme Director for BBfN to highlight the issues and the impact this has on a rural community with limited mobile phone reception.

11. War Memorial:  Historic England has decided to include the Stanhoe and Barwick War Memorial on the statutory list of Buildings of Special or Historic Interest with effect from 23rd July 2018.

12. Parish Council Vacancy – Interested Parties: One declaration of interest had been received and discussed, and a second declaration has been lodged at its initial stage. Both will be reviewed following conclusion of this meeting.

13. TPO – All Saints Church: The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, had attended the BCKLWN Planning Committee Meeting on 30 July 2018 relating to the TPO for All Saints Church. The Chairman advised Council that the Planning Committee decided to confirm the Order without modification.

14. Planning applications and information:  The following application had been received:

App Number Proposal Council Response
18/01521/F The erection of a replacement dwelling:
Station Farm Cottage
Station Road
(See also item 4).
The Parish Council agreed unanimously to oppose the application.
Comments had already been submitted to the BCKLWN
18/01613/F Extensions and alterations to dwelling (retrospective):
The Lodge
Docking Road
(See also item 4).
The Parish Council supported the retrospective application.
Comments would be submitted to the BCKLWN.

15. Financial Report and approval of payments: Up to date income & expenditure accounts, budget report and bank statements were circulated by the Clerk. No queries were raised. The Clerk advised Council that the VAT refund of £829.25 had now been received. The Clerk had recently bought a new printer at a cost of £120; Council agreed to make a contribution of £100 towards the cost.        

Approval was sought and agreed for the following payments:

Chq No Payee Reason £
100739 Mower Signs Update Playing Field Sign 28.80
100740 WNCT Contribution for Go to Town Transport 400.00
100741 All Saints Church Donation 200.00
100742 W. Leighton Salary July and August 2018 303.86
100743 W. Leighton Expenses July and August 2018 107.02
100744 HMRC PAYE July and August 2018 76.00
100745 BMACCS Contribution 120.00

16. Resident’s Concerns/Issues raised after the Agenda Published: The following items were brought to the attention of the Clerk after the Agenda had been published:         

David Vincent - Resignation: David would be moving out of the area in the near future and therefore tendered his resignation with immediate effect. The Chairman, on behalf of the Council, thanked David for the vast contribution he had made during his time on the Parish Council and wished him well for the future.

Tree Opposite Fern Cottage: The Clerk had attempted to make further contact with the landowner, but calls had not been returned. The Clerk would now write to the landowner again.

17. Items for the next Agenda – meeting of 8th November 2018: 

Upkeep of the Pond
Village Gates
Dog Bin and Signs

No other items were discussed and the meeting closed at 7.45pm.