Stanhoe Pit



Sounds good!

Singer Joan Hocking entertains Stanhoe WI members.


Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes

Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 10 November 2022


Stanhoe Road Closure

Stanhoe Road Closure - 6 December 2022


Don’t fall for it!

Stanhoe residents get valuable advice on avoiding scams.


Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda

Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda - 10 November 2022


Deep thought

Research in political science stretches Stanhoe WI members’ brains.


Remember the Jubilee?

A photomontage takes us back to more settled times in Stanhoe.


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Freedom of information policy

Stanhoe Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme which enables members of the public to view and access information held by the Parish Council. For contact details see the main Parish Council page.

Types of information held

Organizational information

Names and contact details of members and Clerk.

Financial Information

Financial Standing Orders and Regulations.

For current and previous year:

  • Annual Budget
  • Level of Precept
  • Income and Expenditure details
  • Annual Return & auditors’ report

Council Activities

  • Current plans
  • Annual Report to Parish

Decision Making

For current and previous year:

  • Location and timetable of meetings
  • Agenda
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Reports presented to Parish meetings
  • Responses to consultation papers
  • Responses to planning applications

Policies and Procedure

  • Standing Orders
  • Code of Conduct
  • Policy Statements

Lists and Registers

  • Assets Register
  • Register of Members’ interests

Obtaining information

There are three ways to obtain information from the Parish Council which are:

  • The Parish website ( Agenda and Minutes are routinely published on the website as well as various other pieces of information.
  • Inspection of documents held by the Clerk: If you wish to view certain documents, you can contact the Clerk by e-mail, telephone or in writing in order to arrange a suitable time and place for inspection of documents.
  • Written request: For any information not held on the website or by the Clerk, a written request must be submitted to the Clerk. This request must include your name and address for correspondence and a description of the information required.

Parish Council’s response to a written request

Within 20 working days of receipt of the request, the Council will:

  • confirm whether or not it has the information available
  • advise if a fee will be charged
  • provide the information requested after any fee has been paid unless an exemption applies


Some information may not be provided by the Council as there are certain exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act, e.g., personal data about an individual which is protected by the Data Protection Act or commercially confidential information.


In answering Freedom of Information requests, the Council is allowed to charge disbursement costs such as printing, photocopying and postage. If the costs involved in locating and/or compiling the information are substantial, the Council can refuse the request on the grounds of cost or charge the applicant a fee of £15 per hour plus disbursements.


If you need help in accessing information under the Freedom of Information Act, please contact the Clerk.


If you are dissatisfied with the response from Council following your request, please put your complaint in writing to the Clerk at the address given previously. If the matter is still not resolved, you may contact the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

tel: 01625 545700