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January 2021

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Stanhoe Parish Council Matters:–

  • Playground:– We have finally completed the fencing project around the playground area. The principal purpose was to provide a safe space for children and young families, but it should also be a further deterrent to the dog contributions that continue to plague and prevent the maintenance of a healthy environment for all using the playfield. We all love dogs; sometimes their owners’ lack of concern detracts from their collective appeal (!) Lastly the fence should enable safer ‘access management’ when we are required to close the facility. Councillor Brian Gorton put in an enormous amount of unpaid effort to design and help build the fence for which we are very grateful. The contractor was JDF Services, and we thank Jon Faulks for his excellent work. The project was jointly funded with the MEHM Trust. It should also be said that the playground is currently open, although Covid precautions are advised.

  • Census:– 21 March ’21 is the date of the next, ten yearly, National Census. Among other things, this is used by governmental organisations (transport, education, healthcare etc) local councils and charities to identify and allocate funding needs etc for the future. It is a legal requirement to take part, but we will try to assist those who need help in completing the Census. We will report more on this in due course, but please contact us if you have any queries in the meantime.

  • Council Precept for 2021:– While your Council has made several budget adjustments for the coming year, we are pleased to advise we have managed to make no request for any increase in funding and accordingly the Precept will remain unchanged.


  • Let’s hope that 2021 becomes a little easier on us all than its predecessor was!

Covid 19 Test Centre:– Information from Environment Services

The Covid-19 Testing centre at LynnSport is now fully operational. However, when people go on the central portal to select a local site for their test if they select ‘drive through’ it does not come up as an option (as it is a ‘walk through’ albeit with plenty of parking adjacent to it) - this has led to some cases of local people being directed towards tests in Peterborough rather than this local site where they could simply park and walk in.

Cycling duo:–

Good luck to the ‘cycling duo’:– “The cycling duo is still venturing out occasionally, when the weather permits, some walking and some cycling - which included late morning today - what a beautiful one! What we used to call, when we were house hunting and after we moved here, a “Norfolk Day” - fairly frequent up here near the Wash, and seldom seen down in Berkshire in the gloomy M4 corridor!!

So as of this morning, we are on 892.4 miles. I had hoped that we may see 1,000 by the end of December, but I think now that it’s unlikely. We might make 900 this year - although perhaps we will be into four figures by the first anniversary: 21st March 2021?”

2020 what a year!!

So many things we were unable to do for some, if not all of the time during 2020. I have a daughter and grand-daughters living abroad, who I haven’t seen since Christmas 2019, another daughter living in a Tier 3 zone, who I haven’t seen in over a year and a son who is self isolating but is in my ‘safety bubble’ and I am able to see weekly. Spontaneous visits to friends and other family members have stopped. But because of all that we are all Covid-free and looking forward to 2021 with renewed hope and optimism.

May we all be grateful that we are well but also spare thought for those who haven’t made it and to their families who grieve and to all those essential workers who put themselves at risk to care for us all.

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