Saints Alive: Stanhoe and Barwick Newsletter

December 2021

Parish Council Matters:–

  • The Parish Council:– met in the Reading Room on Thursday November 11th. We are delighted to advise that two new Councillors were co-opted by unanimous decision; Mr Tim Fitzjohn and Dr Steve Shaw, who both reside in Stanhoe. We warmly welcome their membership and thanked Cllr Jenny Lord for her 6+ years of service. We are fortunate to have a full council who are totally committed to serving the village’s needs and meeting its future requirements.

  • Speeding:– The usual nut was discussed. A member of the public asked if there was any evidence that the white village gates had ‘calmed’ traffic speeding. On review of the data in the minutes from Sept ’17 (when the SAM 2 speed sign was commissioned) to Nov ’19, when the Gates were introduced, we regularly recorded speeds of up to 85–90 mph each month. Since then those speeds have reduced, and to no more than 65 mph since Nov 2020. No one wants to see traffic even at this speed, but it is evident that the grant assisted Gates have slowed down traffic significantly. In October 17,048 vehicles were recorded going past the sign which was at The Grange facing Docking, the fastest was travelling at 65 mph, but over half were going less than the 30 mph limit.

  • Egmere Traffic:– The harvest causing the heavy tractor traffic is now over, not without some significant disturbance to residents – some of which were the result of breakdown and poor weather. We feel the season was less obtrusive and inconsiderate than in previous years, and the operators are no longer in doubt about our feelings, having taken part in a number of video conferences and discussions with the parties involved.

  • Go to Town Bus Service (GTT):– In addition to the Route 21 bus services to Kings Lynn and Hunstanton which have been previously advised (call 01553 776971 or there is a ‘Dial a Bus’ service every Thursday to Fakenham which will pick you up from your house between 9:30am and 10:00am with optional drop off points with return pickups at 12:45pm. There is also a Dial a Bus to Kings Lynn from Burnham Market on alternate Mondays which might pick up in Stanhoe if requested. Return fares are £7; call 01553 770310. Additionally there is a Volunteer Car Service which may pick up Stanhoe residents – call 01553 776971 for availability.

  • The Burnham Market Area Community Car Scheme (BMACCS):– will take anyone from our area to any ‘medical’ appointment (hospital, surgery, opticians, dentist etc) at a cost of 45p per mile. Stanhoe PC support this valuable service annually; but PLEASE NOTE: BMACCS is desperate for more volunteer part time drivers (with a car and clean licence). If you have some spare time and wish to help, please call Daphne Potter on 01485 210342 or email her at for further details.

  • Food bin waste:– It seems not to have been widely noted that BCKLWN waste services have resumed collection of the contents of the grey Food Bins; please use this service if you can.

  • Stanhoe PC Meeting Dates for 2022:– We are considering moving our meetings to the second Wednesday (rather than Thursday) in each alternate month; please let us know if this poses any problem for anyone.

  • Next meeting:– Our next meeting will be in the second week of January 2022. Please check with the website or the next issue of Saints Alive.

Cycle helmet:– Found and returned to its owner !!

Christmas lights:–

Derek Scales is putting up his Christmas Lights again this year, around his garden and on his bungalow on The Green. The wonderful display will be lighting up the night sky from mid November until Twelfth Night.

Cash donations may be made in appreciation of the spectacle, and all proceeds will be given to Tapping House who cared so well for his wife Linda. Please be your usual generous selves.

WI news:–

Stanhoe & Barwick WI:– A meeting on Thursday 2nd December, 2:00pm, our speaker will be Juyna Lewis, with “Spice up your Christmas”.

Our 2022 programme is still under wraps, but be assured that we will have speakers and events for your entertainment and enjoyment, with some education to boot!

Visitors are most welcome; please contact Valerie (01485 576261) for further details and to confirm your attendance.




10:30am UNTIL 12 NOON





A Merry Christmas to you all and a healthy New Year.

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