Saints Alive: Stanhoe and Barwick Newsletter

August 2008

Dates for your diary or calendar

Thursday 24th July – Parish Council meeting in the village hall 7pm.

All residents welcome to attend.

Thursday 7th August – W.I. in the village hall 7pm – Tamara Goulding – A History of Lace Making. New members always welcome.

Saturday 16th August – Bingo in the village hall. Eyes down 7.30pm. Do come and support us.

(Reminder) Saturday 26th July – Bingo in the village hall. Eyes down 7.30pm.

The Flower Show

The 2008 Flower Show will be on Saturday 2nd August from 2–4.30pm in the village hall. Everything is in hand with the organisation so we are hoping that lots of people will be entering the classes for fruit and vegetables, flowers, flower arrangements, cookery and crafts, so that once again we shall have a wonderful display.

Lists of entries should be given in before Wednesday 30th July. (If you have mislaid your schedule the Show Secretary, Rosemary Brown, has a few spare ones).

We hope that we shall see lots of people at the Show in the afternoon. Do come along to join in the enjoyment of the day and to share everyone’s talents.

Parish Council News

Readers will be aware that we recently applied for grants from a fund set up to assist villages with a large proportion of second homes/holiday homes. We have been informed verbally (although confirmation has yet to arrive) that grants have been awarded, amounting to a little under £4,000. Most of this is to enable the path behind the pond to be restored, and seats installed to provide a sheltered place from which to watch the ducks. Some money has been earmarked for the provision of litter and dog waste bins, and some for the provision of more trees for the village, as residents requested at the Parish Annual Meeting. NOW YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Bearing in mind that we cannot plant trees on private land without the landowner giving permission, please let us know where you would like the trees to be planted, when this is done later in the year. Phone the Parish Clerk, Peter Hallinan, on 518099.

The Playing Field

It is felt that the playing field is under utilised – so can Stanhoe residents make more use of it? Some interest has been expressed in starting a cricket team: are there any players out there? What else would you like to see there? A cycle track? A jogging track? A bowling or putting green? All suggestions will be considered.

Bircham Road

The most requested item at the Annual Parish Meeting was a footpath on Bircham Road. This is the most difficult to obtain, but some progress has been made towards a raised path with grass between it and the road. A meeting has been held with the Highways Department representative and our Borough Councillor, and Highways have generously agreed to assess the road for a footway between Cross Lane and Church Lane. Their criteria include the number of dwellings, vehicles, and pedestrians, along with many other measurements and factors – not necessarily those that one would expect!

Not everyone is keen on the idea of a footpath, but those who asked for one, please let us know what you think would be the best time of year, day, and time of day for this assessment to be carried out, because the Parish Council has to nominate when this survey should be carried out, and in order to make the process as democratic as possible, we will take the majority view – BUT WE NEED YOUR INPUT. The assessment doesn’t have to be done this year, but obviously we don’t want to delay the process more than necessary. Again, please contact the Parish Clerk on 518099.

Register of Electors

The annual canvass for the Register of Electors begins at the end of August, when a form and reply paid return envelope will be personally delivered to every property in West Norfolk. Completion and return of these forms is both obligatory and important because the Register is used not just for electoral purposes but also by many financial service providers dealing with, for example, mortgages, loans or new accounts. Anyone whose name is not on the Register will not only be unable to vote at 2009’s elections but will also be likely to have problems using any services that involves a check of the Register.

The form is intended for the present occupiers of an address. The name of anyone expected to be resident at the address on 15th October and who is already 18, or will reach that age by 30th November 2009, needs to be on the form and the names of anyone no longer at the address crossed out.

Forms received by owners of properties which are either already empty or are expected to be so on 15th October simply need the “Property empty on 15th October– box ticking and returning. This will avoid the issue of reminders.


Second home owners may register if at least 3 months of the year in total is spent at the second home. This would give a right to vote in local elections (possibly by a postal vote), although at national elections only one vote would be available and a choice of areas to cast it would need to be made. If residence is for less than 3 months, or if a person does not wish to register in West Norfolk as a second home owner, or if a property is used solely for holiday letting, the “Other reason” box can be ticked, “Second home” or “Holiday let” written beside it and the form returned. In the event of any queries when the form arrives, householders can telephone 01553 616773 and any of the electoral staff will be glad to help.

Early return of the form or, better still, confirmation by freephone, internet or text message (details on the form) will avoid the need for reminders and help to keep costs down.

Mobile Police Station will be on The Green, Burnham Market 6th August 10–12pm.