Saints Alive: Stanhoe and Barwick Newsletter

December 2023

Parish Council Matters:–

We were delighted to welcome a new councillor to our Parish Council meeting on Thursday 9th November. Emma Law has been living in the village for three years, she works for the NHS and has two young children. Emma is keen to be involved in the village with a particular interest in encouraging participation by younger members of the community, including our growing number of young families. She is enthusiastic and proactive, and I feel sure she will be a huge asset to our group.

We have had several discussions around how we can organise our PC activities to make us more effective and we have developed four main themes under which all our general activities can be grouped. These will be used in our Agendas and Minutes and will, hopefully, make it easier for everyone in the community to understand what we are aiming for.

Strategic Theme Action
To effectively engage with the community Means of communicating to be reviewed
Village website
Collaboration with all village organisations
To maintain the village appearance and amenities War memorial refurbishment
Noticeboards and bins under consideration
Joint actions with MEHM on the playing field and play area
To ensure the safety of the community Considering Trod funding possible options
Highways improvement
Permissive paths
To ensure the Parish Council meets governance requirements and is financially responsible Continue updating policies
Reviewing insurance policies
Management of PC’s own website to host the legal documents
Councillor training

Here are some examples of the themes above:–

To ensure the safety of the community:–

Also present was our local County Councillor, Michael Chenery, who was very positive about supporting the village road safety improvements we are pursuing currently. Members of The PC working group, Tim Fitzjohn, Steve Shaw, Neil Shearer and myself are working on getting pathways/permissive paths/Trods in place along the Bircham Road in the first instance and will be applying for a number of grants to finance this, including from the County and Borough Councils. We will be working closely with both Cllr. Chenery and Borough Councillor Sam Sandell in the course of this project.

To maintain the village appearance and amenities:–

Following the cleaning and renovation of the war memorial the area surrounding the memorial has been cleared and tidied and we are now addressing the matter of new notice boards, and whether to remove, re-site or replace existing rubbish bins.

To effectively engage with the community:–

Charles Butcher, who administers the village website,, has been able to make some upgrades and improvements to the website. If you visit on your mobile phone you may have noticed a difference. I am intending to meet with Charles by the end of November to discuss how the community wants to use the website and how we can make it easier for Charles going forward. I have asked village groups who use the website to let me know their thoughts and wishes so that I can take these with me. If anyone has any questions, ideas, or would like to be involved in this important village resource please do get in touch.

As usual the comprehensive minutes from this meeting will be available on the Parish Council website,, so please do have a look. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact us on .

Stanhoe Methodist Church:–

All are welcome to our Services in November, December and January 2024 on the following dates.

Unless otherwise stated, services are held on Sunday mornings at 11:00am.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

19th November: Morning worship service

3rd December: Advent Service with Holy Communion, conducted by our Minister, Rev. Dr. Richman Ncube

10th December: Christmas Carol service

24th December: Christmas Morning Worship service

31st December: Morning Worship Service

14th January: Morning Worship Service

28th January: Covenant Service with Holy Communion, conducted by our Minister, Rev. Dr. Richman Ncube

11th February: Morning Worship Service

25th February: Morning Worship Service

Stanhoe and Barwick WI news:–

Thursday 7th December: Christmas entertainment from Stuff and Folly.

Venue: The Reading Room, Stanhoe.

Time: 2:00pm.

Visitors are most welcome. Our charge is £5, which includes refreshments.

Our 2024 Programme is still under wraps, but will be full of our usual entertaining and informative talks. We return on January 11th and thereafter on the first Thursday of each month, from 1st February.

Please contact Valerie (01485 576261) for further details.


Friday 1st DECEMBER




Wine: Lager: Bitter: Cider: Soft Drinks: Crisps

£2 donation towards the running of the Village Hall

Keep Fit:–

“Do you think you might have gained weight over Christmas? Do you feel that you need re-energising after the winter?

Do you just fancy a brief gathering with like-minded people, to get back on track after the seasonal disruption?

Our Wednesday morning seated keep fit classes will resume at 10:00am in the Reading Room, Cross Lane, on 10th January. Just wear something flexible and comfortable, and try it – you will feel so good afterwards – and for only £3.50 per week!”

We would be most grateful. (Why not come along and give it a try?! Then you could do a first hand report on it!!)

Mobile Library:–

Stops in STANHOE DOCKING ROAD 1, arrives 14:55, departs 15:10, postcode PE31 8QL.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 08 December 2023
  • 05 January 2024
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