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Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes

Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 17 September 2020



A former Stanhoe resident is looking for a missing painting.


Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda

Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda - 17 September 2020


Dykeses and Chestneys

More memories of old Stanhoe families.


Fireworks alert

Expect bangs in Stanhoe on Saturday night.


Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes

Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 9 July 2020


Stanhoe Parish Council Accounts 2019/20

Stanhoe Parish Council Accounts 2019/2020 - Notice of Public Rights


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25 January 2020

Read all about it!

Dip into Stanhoe’s newspaper cuttings library.

The text version of Stanhoe Archive’s collection of newspaper cuttings is now a bit more accurate and easier to navigate.

You can find images of the cuttings in the photo gallery, while the text is on the Newspapers page in the history section (use your web browser’s “Find in page” function to track down items of interest). Some of them date back to the 1950s, though most are later.

Most of the text transcription has been done automatically by computer, and some of it is not very good. Recently, however, new technology plus some manual editing has improved the accuracy.

We have also added links to make it easier to view the original cuttings from the text page.

If you ever feel like improving the quality of the text, especially the really bad ones, Stanhoe Archive would welcome help. Just pick an item or two and send your transcript to the .

Help with dating the cuttings would also be appreciated. In that case it’s probably easiest just to leave a comment on the image page for the cutting in question.

Of course, Stanhoe must have appeared in the EDP and other publications many times in the last 20 years, and we have few or no recent cuttings in the collection. If anyone would like to help, this would be valuable work for the future.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 25 January 2020