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Parish Council Minutes - 9 January 2020


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14 November 2019

Village gates

Stanhoe’s “gates” may help cut speeding, says the Parish Council.

Most sharp eyed drivers and other wanderers in recent weeks will have noticed the new “village gates” that greet motorists entering the village from either Docking, Bircham or Burnham Market, writes David Lord, Chairman of Stanhoe Parish Council. They carry the speed signs and also serve to signify Stanhoe as a “community” in the hope that more notice is paid to the speed limits in effect. We are not in favour of too many signs, but hope the effect will on balance be positive.

photo: Pamela Austin

White gates with 40 mph signs on the verges either side of the road

The new gates on Bircham Road, just before Church Farm as you enter the village

The cost was partly borne by a contribution from Norfolk County Council under the Parish Partnerships Scheme, and a grant from our Borough Councillor’s office with technical assistance from the Highways Department of Norfolk County Council; the result being that the cost to Stanhoe was £1,182 out of £4,364 being approximately 27 percent of the total.

Stanhoe experiences a vast amount of traffic for its size; something of the order of 16,000–40,000 vehicles per month drive through. Invariably one or more of these each month get recorded at over 80 mph within the 30 mph limit! Your Parish Council has spent a lot of time and effort to try to ensure public safety. We are restricted by physical and financial constraints in that various types of pavements or rights of way are impractical, unfeasible or unaffordable.

The SAM2 speed sign does appear to be having some effect in discouraging speeding, and we hope the gates will help further. This is in addition to the invaluable work carried out by the Stanhoe Speed Watch Team.

We will report again on what effect the gates may be having.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 14 November 2019