Stanhoe Pit



Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council Meeting - 26 September 2019



Stanhoe WI members learn about a very old craft.


Church matters

A service marks the start of WWII, and Stanhoe’s Rector is now a Rural Dean.


Pond progress

A tidy-up has left Stanhoe’s pond looking very fine.


Musical evening

Nelson’s Shantymen entertain at the first Stanhoe Social.


Facebook for RAF group

The RAF Bircham Newton Heritage Centre has taken to social media.


October film

Fisherman’s Friends is showing in Stanhoe on Wednesday 2 October.


Tide times

Wells 18 Sep
03:28 low (0.59m)
09:39 high (3.91m)
15:16 low (0.59m)
22:07 high (3.48m)

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21 May 2019

Gallery changes

The Stanhoe photo gallery has a new look.

If you visit the Stanhoe photo gallery you will find that its design has changed.

I apologize for the fact that the new look is ugly. We’ve had problems with comment spam recently, so I have reluctantly added a CAPTCHA. If you want to comment on a photo – and we really appreciate comments – you will now have to copy four letters to prove that you’re human.

I hate CAPTCHAs, but this one is simpler than most and may do the trick. If it doesn’t, we will have to make it more complicated.

Unfortunately a bug in the original page design means that it doesn’t work with CAPTCHAs, so I have been forced to move to a new design. I hope this will be temporary, but thank you for your patience.

Update 23 May: the spammers are very clever, because we are still getting comment spam even after increasing the length of the CAPTCHA. I’ll keep trying.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 21 May 2019