Stanhoe Pit



Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council Minutes - 26 September 2019


Wonder dogs

Stanhoe WI members are fascinated by the abilities of medical detection dogs.


Cinema success

Red Joan is showing in Stanhoe on Friday 8 November – with excellent new equipment.


Parish Council Agenda

Parish Council Agenda - 26 September 2019


Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council Meeting - 26 September 2019



Stanhoe WI members learn about a very old craft.


Church matters

A service marks the start of WWII, and Stanhoe’s Rector is now a Rural Dean.


Tide times

Wells 23 Oct
00:59 high (2.30m)
06:43 low (0.03m)
14:09 high (2.03m)
21:17 low (-0.08m)

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26 March 2019

Site updates

More website changes at

Recent updates to how this website is organised:

  • The holiday cottages page has retired. Keeping it up to date was a challenge. If anyone else would like to take the job on, please let me know.
  • The page on Stanhoe businesses has retired. Keeping it up to date was a challenge, and it received very few visitors.
  • Our “home port” for tide times (at the upper right of each page) has reverted to Wells. For technical reasons since 2014 we had been showing tide times for Hunstanton, but Wells makes more sense for Stanhoe folk visiting Holkham, Burnham Overy and Brancaster.
  • If you have a email address and you have not received any new mail since 19 March, please update your settings. You can find the instructions on our email page. All that has changed is the name of the mail server; your password is the same as before. If you need help, contact the  (tel 01603 873386).
  • The “cookie consent” banner is now more irritating, to fit our current interpretation of the law.
  • Links within text are now underlined for easier reading.
  • Search results are displayed more clearly, with dates for news items.
  • Added a (short!) list of recent crimes to the police page, which is once again separate from the council page. The crimes list gets its data from the police website, and may not be as up-to-date as we’d like.
  • Made a start on making the site look better on mobile devices. This is a work in progress!

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 26 March 2019