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17 January 2015

Infinity is here!

Superfast fibre broadband arrives in Stanhoe.

Update 22 February

Still waiting!

As of 22 February 2015, BT confirms that it’s not yet possible to order fibre broadband, despite the fact that the Openreach website shows the status as “Accepting Orders”.

Nor is it possible to get an estimate of your likely speed, which in some parts of the village may be the minimum 15 Mbit/s that Infinity supports.

We wait in hope.

According to BT Openreach, the Docking telephone exchange is now accepting orders for Infinity fibre broadband.

Map shows Docking exchange accepting orders from Stanhoe

However, the big question – what speeds we can expect in Stanhoe – remains to be answered. BT’s speed checker page, which estimates the bandwidth at any particular address, still claims that Infinity is not yet available here.

Infinity is available in two “flavours” with download speeds of up to 38 Mbit/s and 76 Mbit/s respectively. People who live close to the green cabinet at the bottom of Parson’s Lane should be able to get the advertised speeds, but houses further away may not fare so well.

Infinity 1 (up to 38 Mbit/s and unlimited usage) costs £23 a month plus line rental, and includes free weekend calls and BT Sport. Infinity 2 (up to 76 Mbit/s) is £28 a month.

There’s a cheaper Infinity 1 package at £15 a month, but with a 20 GB usage limit it won’t be of much use to people who want fast broadband.

Standard BT broadband with unlimited usage, free weekend calls and BT Sport is £18 a month.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 17 January 2015