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9 July 2024

Glue traps banned

New legislation introduced – update from Norfolk Police.

This month brings a new piece of legislation which comes into effect on 31 July 2024. This will make glue traps illegal to use in nearly all situations unless you’re a professional pest controller and have applied to Natural England for an individual licence or to use the general licence.

Companies and individuals were given a grace period to use up old stock but that comes to an end on 31 July 2024 when it will become illegal to set such traps. The offence is very simple, it will be an offence to set any glue trap.

These traps have caused plenty of controversy over the years and are often considered inhumane. Obviously pests need dealing with, but with technology moving on there are much better alternatives available now and the use of these traps has declined dramatically in recent years. If you still have any of these traps in the back of your shed or garage, please dispose of very carefully to avoid animals becoming entangled with the glue inadvertently.

Posted by: Nicola
Posted on: 9 July 2024