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7 November 2023

Tree debris

Residents can report directly.

Tree debris includes leaves, fruit, sap and bird droppings.

The Borough Council will not:

  • prune or fell a council owned tree to remove or reduce debris fall
  • remove fallen debris from private property

They can offer the following advice and information:

  • the loss of leaves from trees in the autumn is part of the natural cycle and can't be avoided by pruning
  • the maintenance of gutters is the responsibility of the landowner and we are not obliged to remove leaves that may have fallen from council owned trees – where gutters are regularly blocked by fallen leaves, gutter guards may be fitted to provide a low maintenance solution
  • for roads, streets or the highway, extra teams are working in the autumn to clear fallen leaves
  • in parks and green spaces, paths or areas of hard standing are regularly cleared of fallen leaves – but leaves on grass/shrub beds are generally left until the majority of leaves have fallen before they are removed (unless leaving them would damage the grass, in which case the accumulated leaves will be removed sooner)
  • leaves are generally sent for composting

If you would like to report a road, street or highway that needs to be cleaned please contact KLWNBC on 01553 616200 or .

Posted by: Nicola
Posted on: 7 November 2023