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16 September 2023

Site refurb completed is running as usual again.

Update 20 September: The behind-the-scenes site revamp has gone very well and we are open again for news updates. If you’re viewing this on a large screen you should see few changes. If you’re using a mobile phone, the site should now be considerably easier to view and navigate.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be continuing to tweak the layout and make other, less visible, changes needed to keep the site running into the future.

Many thanks to our developer Matt Hornsby for his excellent work and very reasonable charges. The work was funded by Stanhoe Archive.

Originally posted on 16 September

Life is change, as Buddhists and IT folk know. has been running since 2008, and technology has moved on quite a bit since then. If this website were a house, we’d be needing a new roof.

So to keep us watertight for the next few years, will shortly see some significant updates. And as part of that, we expect to “freeze” the site for several days. You will still be able to view it, but we won’t be adding any new content until the updates are complete.

Once we resume normal service it’s unlikely that you will notice much difference. The site will work better on mobile phones and other small screens, but most of the other changes will be behind the scenes.*

At a later time, one significant change is likely to result from the Parish Council’s decision to set up its own website (see the Chair’s September update). While will continue to carry Parish Council news, important documents such as minutes and policies will move to the new site. As well as giving councillors more autonomy and hopefully reducing the workload of Parish Clerk Nicola Smith, this will simplify compliance with government standards for the accessibility of public-sector websites.

Thank you for your patience during the upgrades.

* For anyone remotely interested, PHP 8 is the keyword here – and we’re hoping the site will be faster as a result. At the same time we will create a fully responsive layout, and continue the move from Google Maps to Leaflet.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 16 September 2023