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21 December 2022

Full house

Stanhoe’s weekly coffee mornings end the year on a high note.

Tuesday morning coffee mornings in the Village Hall and Reading Room have been popular recently.

photo: Pamela Austin

Stanhoe residents around a big table with tea and cake

Cake and conversation on a Tuesday morning

Pamela took the photo above when she hosted the coffee morning on 29 November. “We had a full house – 12 in attendance including myself. They obviously hadn’t heard about my cakes,” she said.

Then on 20 December Pamela reported: “We had an even fuller house, with 15 in attendance!  I’m sure that is by far the most people we’ve ever had in there – and at 12.10 we were all still sitting chatting away!  Long may that continue!”.

The weekly event will start at 10:30 am in the new year, with residents taking turns to organise the catering.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 21 December 2022