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Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda - 17 September 2020


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25 July 2012

Book bonanza

Historic village charity gives book vouchers to local youngsters.

Six Stanhoe children came to the Reading Room this evening to receive book tokens given by John Wright’s Charity.

photo: Charles Butcher

Children with their book tokens in front of a bookcase in the Reading Room

Luke, Chloe, Daniel, Lewis, Alecia
and Logan with their book tokens

Anyone of primary school age who lives in the village is eligible for a book token once a year and a “leaver’s grant” when they go on to secondary school.

This year the trustees decided to increase the value of each book token to £25, said Rosemary Brown, Secretary of John Wright’s Charity, who made the presentation. Last year the Leaver’s Grant was raised to £60.

The awards are part of a historic tradition that dates back to 1802 when John Wright in his will left “a parcel of land”, the income from which was to be used “for putting to school and educating in a suitable manner all such poor children belonging to, and living in, the beneficial area”. In the 1850s the Charity played an important part in the setting up of Stanhoe School.

The small field that has provided the Charity’s income since 1861 is on the west side of Station Road, about 500 m up from the main road.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 25 July 2012