Nelson and the man from Stanhoe

Admiral Lord NelsonGrowing up in Burnham Thorpe, Horatio Nelson would doubtless have been familiar with Stanhoe. Like many Norfolk villages, Stanhoe even named one of its two pubs after England’s greatest naval hero. But what did Horatio himself think of the place?

He was certainly not impressed by a Mr Allen of Stanhoe, as the following letter to his brother reveals.

The letter is taken from Nelson: The New Letters, edited by Colin White and published by Boydell Press in association with the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Naval Museum, 2005, ISBN 1 84383 130 9.

191. ALS: To Rev William Nelson, 20 April 1792

Burnham Apl: 20th: 1792

My Dear Brother

Next Week, or the Week after it is possible Mr: Benjm: Suckling may be here, and if so he must occupy Our Fathers Room, and as the other Chamber is repairing, we can in that case only offer you the Tent Bed through our Room. But shall be very glad to see you, and shall expect you to dinner on the day You fix’d unless you like this next week better. As I have not yet got a riding horse I cannot get so far as Redheads but I think he will take in Joint Stock by Old May day.

As the Sheep &c: have been untill Wednesday last kept in the Marshes once the grass began to spring, I think He will have no feed by New May day and now the Marshes are under water. I am sorry we cannot accommodate Mr: Rolfe at present or we should have been glad of his company. Mrs Nelson thanks you for the offer of the pigs but the trouble, almost impossibility of getting them over prevents Her accepting them.

4 PM I have been to Burnham and Our Father is better than when I wrote you last. His Apothecary has certainly done him great service. Mr Allen of Stanhoe is going to farm two estates which he bought in Suffolk last year and he condescends to live in a Parsonage House. By the bye I hear the estates are 40£ a year each, so much for his Squireing. Capt: Gardner is preparing to be ordained. Remember me kindly to Mrs: Nelson & our aunt and Believe Me

Your Most Affectionate Brother

Horatio Nelson

We do not forget this is your Birthday