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Samuel Curson and Mr Stangroom, 1934

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Newspaper cutting about Samuel Curson and Mr Stangroom, both of Stanhoe, from the Lynn Advertiser, Wisbech Constitutional Gazette and Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Herald, 23 February 1934. The text reads:


“Mr. Samuel Curson, aged 75 years, of Stanhoe. For sixty-two years he worked on Barrack Farm for Mr. H. H. Savory. Beginning at the age of nine, he was earning two shillings a week by the time he was fifteen.”


“Mr. Stangroom, Stanhoe’s oldest inhabitant, aged 91 years. For 25 years he had been employed as foreman and groom to Mr. H. C. Hollway-Calthrop; for 17 years he was at Ivy Farm with Mr. Oliver and later with Mr. Cook. He started work at the age of six, being…”