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Historic photos from the village of Stanhoe, Norfolk, UK

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  • Chris Branch (Chris_B) - Wednesday 6 July 2011 00:45
    Nellie Wright was indeed the post lady who delivered the mail, Eastern Daily Press and the Farmer Weekly to Station Farm 6 days a week arriving on her bike with a cheeful "G'Morning Mr Calver - here's you post then.
  • Rosemary Brown - Monday 4 July 2011 19:41
    This cottage was the home of Mrs Wright the postwoman, for many years.
  • Chris Branch (Chris_B) - Thursday 30 June 2011 12:23
    I forgot to pose the questions about the wooden beam running up the right edge of the portait - could this be part of the Railway Platform furniture - a Platform Sign and the bolted metal plate possibly with a right angle of a Platform Name Plate running just across the top edge but out of shot? What about the metal ring stapled onto the brickwork on the left side. Were animals in transit on the railway tied to it until the train arrived maybe/ Look closely at the railway buidlings and other archived images to help me discover the actual location and then to discover how it has changed in the pat 110 years.
  • Chris Branch (Chris_B) - Wednesday 29 June 2011 18:04
    Flat cap man definately Harry Calver.
  • Chris Branch (Chris_B) - Wednesday 29 June 2011 18:00
    Pitcher left - I think is my Uncle Harcourt Calver; Pitcher right: my wife Diane say he is my own father: Bill Branch - Miggies husband.
  • Colin Morley - Tuesday 28 June 2011 06:42
    Publican Ernest Houldin with wife Alice and daughters Winifred (pigtails) and Marjorie (with bow). The lady on Marjorie's left is quite possibly Alice's mother, Annie Maria Smith born Middlesex in 1853. Other folk pictured are unknown.
  • Colin Morley - Tuesday 28 June 2011 06:30
    In this photo c.1915 the publican is Ernest Houldin born Barrow-in-Furness 1876; publican's wife is Alice Edith Houldin born Leytonstone 1878; eldest daughter is Winifred Alice Houldin born Middlesex 1905; youngest daughter is Marjorie Florence Houldin born Middlesex 1910. Ernest and family later moved to Langham in Rutland where Winifred died in the 1930s and Ernest followed c.1940.
    Marjorie married David Morley and moved to Derby during WW2 and then to Leicester in 1949. Mother Alice moved to Leicester from Langham and later lived with David, Marjorie and family until her death in 1965. Marjorie and family emigrated to Australia in 1967 where Marjorie died in 1975.
  • Charles Butcher (Charles) - Wednesday 22 June 2011 22:19
    Thanks Chris. Is it the same crew as in this photo: ?
  • Chris Branch - Sunday 19 June 2011 18:52
    That surely must be Stanley Ayres on the extreme right. He used to work for Thomas Henry Calver my Grandfather and later for Harry Calver my Uncle at Station Farm Stanhoe, My wife Diane and I always have a trip to Norfolk (once a year from Bedford) and we generally drive through along Station Road. I used to visit for a fortnight's holiday as a child, virtually every year 1947-1965 latterly helping Harry with the harvest. I'm currently adding images from my Mother's Family album as a Word Document with old photos scanned in and my own memories, for a Calver Family re-union planned for 17 September 2011 but at Northwold. My mother was the youngest: Iris (Miggie) Calver born 2 June 1909 d.29/3/1994. The Calver Family is commemorated on a brass Plaque in Stanhoe church. We have also obtained a copy of the Tenancy Agreement dated 13 March 1896 and its plan of the 131 acre Station Farm. There is also an ariel photo taken I guess 1954 showing the Farm Yard and buildings and my Uncle Harry's new house, roofed then but not completed for over 12 years. Station Farm was sold off out of the family when Harriet Blanch Calver (Harry's Widow died during the mid 1970's although her niece: Mary Wagstaff (nee Trett) inherited retaining only Station Farm Cottage and a small plot of land - the original Calver Family home which is currently for sale.