Stanhoe Pit



Sounds good!

Singer Joan Hocking entertains Stanhoe WI members.


Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes

Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 10 November 2022


Stanhoe Road Closure

Stanhoe Road Closure - 6 December 2022


Don’t fall for it!

Stanhoe residents get valuable advice on avoiding scams.


Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda

Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda - 10 November 2022


Deep thought

Research in political science stretches Stanhoe WI members’ brains.


Remember the Jubilee?

A photomontage takes us back to more settled times in Stanhoe.


in Stanhoe

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Help and support with money

Front page of the leaflet

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the money advice leaflet  

With sky-high energy prices and the return of serious inflation, many people are feeling financially squeezed. The Norfolk Association of Local Councils has a four-page leaflet called “Are you worried about paying bills?” with some helpful advice.

Click on the link above (or the thumbnail image) to view or download it as a PDF.

There are sections on general help, low-cost food, energy, sanitary products, utilities, travel, broadband and more.