Stanhoe Pit



Learning to listen

Stanhoe WI members take time out to learn more about one another.


Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda

Stanhoe Parish Council Agenda - 12 January 2022


Christmas wrapping

A young person from Stanhoe has been collecting food and winter clothes for homeless people.


New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Petition

Show your support for bringing a new Queen Elizabeth Hospital to King’s Lynn


Festive lunch

Stanhoe WI members enjoyed a fine Christmas lunch recently.


Christmas spice

Garam masala and card engineering keep Stanhoe WI members entertained.


Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes

Stanhoe Parish Council Minutes - 11 November 2021


Tide times

Wells 20 Jan
03:53 low (0.87m)
08:05 high (3.52m)
15:28 low (0.78m)
20:05 high (3.87m)

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