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Gardens success

Damp weather didn’t deter visitors to Stanhoe’s Open Gardens day.


Congratulations Ellen!

Ellen Finch, who lived in Stanhoe for many years, is 100 today.


Open Gardens

Saturday 18 June is the big day for Stanhoe’s gardeners.


A very special tea

Stanhoe WI celebrated the Jubilee in style.


July film

Belfast (12) is showing in Stanhoe on Friday 15 July.


Stanhoe Parish Council Exercising of Public Rights

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22


Jubilee jollies

The Queen’s 70 reigning years have not gone unnoticed in Stanhoe.


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9 June 2022

A very special tea

Stanhoe WI celebrated the Jubilee in style.

The June meeting of Stanhoe and Barwick WI was organised as a Jubilee Tea in the Reading Room, to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 in style with our loyal members.

photos: Rosemary Brown

WI members and a table spread with food

A tea to remember

It all started off with each member receiving a formal invitation several weeks beforehand.

Official invitation to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee tea party

On the day, members arrived with plates of delicious food, both savoury and sweet, which eventually filled a table running the length of the room.

The room itself had been beautifully decorated by the committee with the WI bunting, Union flags and flower arrangements. The tables were dressed with the flowery WI tablecloths, and our vintage WI cups, saucers, and plates – too fragile for use at ordinary meetings – were used and much talked about.

Members assembled in small chatty groups around the room (it was suggested that about 40 ladies were present). The proceedings commenced with a medley of unaccompanied folk songs performed by Harmonise, a choir based in Fakenham, in which some of our members sing.

It was not long before everyone was invited to help themselves to food, accompanied by tea or coffee, and non-alcoholic punch. We all ended up being far too full of the delicious food eaten in a relaxed atmosphere.

More WI members and more food

…yet more food

Our president then woke us all up by announcing that a Jubilee quiz had been arranged, involving five questions on events that had taken place in the year of each previous Jubilee. Most of us struggled to remember accurately a great deal as we were so full!

Three seated members looking expectant

Waiting for quiz questions

Harmonise then treated us to a boisterous selection of melodies, for the last of which audience participation was encouraged. This consisted of three different songs sung at the same time, in relays, by different sections of the choir, involving both When The Saints Go Marching In and Old Man River.

A group of standing singers and their conductor

The Harmonise choir with leader Linds Bestwicke

When we all thought we could eat no more, a lovely celebration cake was cut and distributed.

And finally members were all invited to help themselves to any remaining food to take home, and they hurried away with serviette wrapped parcels for later on!

It was definitely a Jubilee Celebration as we formally acknowledged the Queen’s long reign before the afternoon’s proceedings commenced; and it was a WI celebration; and a day to remember for many years to come.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 9 June 2022

12 May 2022

Racy raconteuse

Stanhoe WI members enjoy tales of Hollywood.

It is always a nice surprise to find a room full of ladies at Stanhoe and Barwick WI meetings. Today we were told that we have 35 members this year, which is a wonderful expansion of numbers.

photo: Rosemary Brown

Susan Barnet

Hollywood expert Susan Barnet

For our May meeting we once again welcomed Susan Barnet with a very relaxed talk entitled ”Hollywood Royalty”. With speed she regaled us with often racy tales of the lives of Hollywood screen figures such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, Vivienne Leigh, Cary Grant, Mae West, Robert Mitchum, Olivia de Havilland, David Niven, and Errol Flynn. The film lovers amongst us hearing these tales of nostalgia were royally treated throughout the talk.

Afterwards we were invited to sign up for more sedate events; a “Women Walk The World” walk on the coast, a garden visit, a meal at a local vineyard with local wine, a tour of a flower bouquet growers premises, and of course for our Jubilee Tea in June. It will be a busy summer for members.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 12 May 2022

9 April 2022

Lighting the way

Stanhoe WI members learn about the history and charitable work of Trinity House.

A large group of members of Stanhoe and Barwick WI met in April to hear Karl Lumbers of Trinity House speak about the organisation, and 500 years of its history, as well as its present day activities. Having been invited, as a past ship’s captain, to be one of the 400 “Younger Brethren” of Trinity House, made up of previous members of the Merchant Navy and the Royal Navy, his presentation was full of interest.

photo: Rosemary Brown

Karl Lumbers of Trinity House

“Younger Brother”: Karl Lumbers of Trinity House

We learnt about the first wooden lighthouses, built in 1698. and 1708, and the first stone built striped one built in 1759, all individually lit by coal fires, and overseen by a lighthouse keeper. Originally Trinity House supplied pilots to take ships up The Thames, and other large rivers. Nowadays the pilots are more likely to work on “superyachts”, and the lighthouses and buoys marking dangerous places in the sea are powered automatically by solar panels and LED lights, and lighthouse keeping is a job of the past.

The modern Trinity House organisation has many charitable functions, and supports a range of seafaring charities, funded by levies on ships going into port, and by rents collected from farms which they own. One of their aims is to encourage young people to go to sea as a career. And Princess Anne is the hard working, supportive “Master of Trinity House”.

After this very interesting, professional, talk the meeting became very sociable, and notice was given of several outings for members to enjoy, and of future meetings, before members departed in a happy mood.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 9 April 2022

5 March 2022

Go with the flow

Seated yoga proves popular for Stanhoe WI members.

“Seated Yoga with Jean Clarke” was the theme for the March meeting of Stanhoe and Barwick WI. The room was absolutely silent as 29 ladies were taken through a range of yoga movements for hands and shoulders to help strengthen breathing and improve mobility.

We worked through rolling our shoulders, neck turns, and lots of hand exercises including “the flower”, but the jolliest was when we carried out arm exercises and sang along to “The Grand Old Duke of York”.

photos: Rosemary Brown

WI members with their hands in the air

Arm exercises carried out whilst singing “The Grand Old Duke of York”. He is at the top of the hill at this point!

For the business meeting several members offered information on collection points for The Ukraine Appeal donations, for which a number of packages had been brought along, and for a collection of postage stamps for the RSPB.

WI members relaxing with cups of tea

Relaxing with a cup of tea after yoga

To enhance meetings a voice amplifier has been purchased for the speakers voice to be heard in all parts of the room as subscriptions are due and we now fill the available space. And future events were explained, and finally we were shown by Julie, a red white and blue Jubilee Wreath created from scraps of fabric left over from making Jubilee bunting. Such an effective celebration item.

A happy band of ladies went home feeling very relaxed!


Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 5 March 2022

3 February 2022

Finding the scent

Stanhoe WI members make a new friend from Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.

A very chatty group of 36 ladies filled the Village Hall at the February meeting of Stanhoe and Barwick WI when Paul and Sarah, and Meya the friendly spaniel, came to tell us about the Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue team and their work.

photos: Rosemary Brown

Sarah, Paul, and Meya the spaniel

The organisation, which is a charity and is entirely funded by donations, and operates throughout the whole of Norfolk, is entirely staffed by volunteers. They are divided into mobile teams with vans, foot teams, a water team and dog teams, and they can call in a diving team from other areas if necessary. They specialise in “Finding many people from hill to high water”. 

We heard how rescues are carried out after alerts from the police force and fire service, by using digital radios to maintain contact; data from the Grampian Missing Persons website compiled from similar searches, to define a radius to cover; the what3words app to establish locations; as well as ”Herbert” data for vulnerable people from the family involved.

It was a very thorough and moving talk, with the lovely two-year-old spaniel being the star of the show.

The business meeting after this was swiftly carried through with various reminders for members, and reference to a communication regarding the status of the Norfolk Federation.

It was lovely to go home in daylight after such a busy afternoon.


Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 3 February 2022

14 January 2022

Learning to listen

Stanhoe WI members take time out to learn more about one another.

Nobody was quite sure what members were going to do when they came to the Stanhoe and Barwick WI meeting in January, which was entitled “Getting to Know You”. But it turned out to be a very noisy, sociable, enjoyable, fun afternoon.

photos: Rosemary Brown


Tea is an essential part of the listening process

Each member was paired with another member, and was provided with a sheet of six questions. Having chatted to each other for ten minutes, everyone reported back to the assembled room about their new friend at the table. It was an eye opener to find that members lived in so many neighbouring villages, and so many originated from so far away (only three of us from Norfolk, and many from London), and that we had all joined to meet other people. And one lady had us in stitches by reciting one of her poems (writing poems is a hobby of hers), about “Being the fairy on top of the Christmas tree”.


Listening hard…

The serious part of the meeting, voting on the five Resolutions put forward by The National Federation for selection for the national AGM, was clearly carried out. And members still departed in a happy mood, looking forward to the WI year ahead.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 14 January 2022

9 December 2021

Festive lunch

Stanhoe WI members enjoyed a fine Christmas lunch recently.

A large group of Stanhoe and Barwick WI members filled a secluded dining area at Briarfields where they enjoyed a three-course Christmas lunch of delicious food.

Each member received a small gift, made by a fellow member, of a coloured fused glass star to hang on their tree, and a programme of events to look forward to in the coming year.

photos: Rosemary Brown

Festive lunch table with WI members, Christmas tree and wine glasses

As has become the custom, when the meal was finished members were treated to “The unofficial Stanhoe and Barwick WI Choir” who gave a rendition of a medley of festive songs which resounded around the room.

In happy mood we wished each other a Happy Christmas, before sending our way homewards. Grateful thanks are offered to the organisers of our happy festive lunch.

WI singers in full flow

The WI singers in full flow 

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 9 December 2021

3 December 2021

Christmas spice

Garam masala and card engineering keep Stanhoe WI members entertained.

Stanhoe and Barwick WI members had several treats at their December meeting. Not only was there a speaker to hold our attention, but all members were given a handmade Christmas card from the WI; the committee provided us with a delicious looking range of cakes to sample with our tea; and we had our Adviser, Coral Batchelor, here to introduce herself and guide us on procedures.

Spices and fresh coriander on a Christmas tablecloth

Spices and fresh coriander for a flavourful Christmas

Our speaker Junya Lewis gave a talk entitled “Spice up your Christmas”, during which she demonstrated making a spiced butternut squash soup, a vegan spiced main course of a pasty using soya mince and vegetables; a spicy side salad; and a marinade.

Along the way she gave us hints and tips on the spices available to us, telling us that Garam Masala means “warming spice” and every mixture is different, but the most expensive ones are best; spices should be stored in glass jars and not tins, and must be kept in a cool, dark place.

Our Adviser followed this by telling us of her role and responsibilities with the Norfolk Federation as an Adviser, and inviting us to visit the Norfolk Federation headquarters, Evelyn Suffield House, in Norwich. She had also helped to make a beautiful card from 17 separate pieces of pre-cut card, illustrating the welcoming front door of Evelyn Suffield House, which opened up to show a Christmas tree and decorations and a Christmas message to us all.

It was a happy meeting enjoyed by a large group of members on a chilly wet day. We are all now looking forward to meeting for our Christmas lunch together in the near future.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 3 December 2021

5 November 2021

President Nicola

Sandra Carr steps down at Stanhoe WI AGM.

Twenty-five members of Stanhoe and Barwick WI met together for their AGM in November.

The meeting started with the announcements regarding visits and events, and the news that the WI are laying a wreath at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday in memory of all who served in both World Wars, but especially for those men whose histories we had followed up last year after their wartime letters to the WI were found.

Julia Walton our treasurer gave a very clear explanation of our financial dealings over the past year. Valerie Robson, our secretary, and Sandra Carr, our retiring president, both gave detailed reports of our activities during the lockdowns and since resuming meetings. We now have thirty-six members.

After tea and delicious cakes Julia took us through the correct answers to three very enjoyable quiz sheets which she had prepared and members had attempted to complete. Much laughter ensued.

A bouquet was presented to Sandra, our retiring president, as thanks for her two-year tenure, and our new president Nicola Smith was welcomed.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 5 November 2021

16 October 2021

Sandringham secrets

Stanhoe WI members get an insider’s view.

It was a vivacious lady, Susan Barnett, who entertained 32 Stanhoe and Barwick WI members and friends at their October meeting with revelations called “Sandringham Secrets”.

photo: Rosemary Brown

Susan Barnett

Trained as a British Airways VIP Liaison Officer, Susan was well acquainted with members of Royal families from across the world. This very much sparked her interest when moving to Norfolk and she was able to become a room steward at Sandringham.

We were told the history of Sandringham House from its purchase in 1861 for Prince Albert (later Edward VII) and his wife Alexandra, and its rebuilding in 1862 using the architect Albert Jenkins Humbert, to a tour of the six rooms that are open to the public in the present day. There were little stories about the furnishings and portraits in each room, and even of menus in French in the dining room. As many of us had visited the house it was all of added interest, explained with humour along the way.

Our Vice President Nikki Smith ran the meeting, and ably conducted us through the business with the help of our hard-working committee.

Once again a good time was had by all.

Posted by: Charles

Posted on: 16 October 2021

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