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Parish Council Minutes – 21 September 2017.


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7 September 2010

Phone box stays

BT will repair the public telephone box by the Pit.

phone box

Update 11 September: BT has cleaned the phone box, though it still lacks a door.

The reprieve seems to have come about because the borough council refused British Telecom permission to take the box away.

According to parish clerk : “On the councillors’ inspection tour of the village it was decided that we should ask for the phone box to be removed as it was such an eyesore.”

“Upon investigation, I discovered that BT had once wanted to remove it but the removal required planning permission which was refused by the borough council.”

“I have contacted BT, therefore, to request that the box is repaired and made to look good again. According to them, it should be done very soon.”

BT’s original reason for wanting to remove the box was that it is practically never used.

Posted by: Charles
Posted on: 7 September 2010

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