Stanhoe Pit



Meet the angels

Don’t miss Jill Husselby’s stained glass talk on 3 September.


Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council minutes for the 20th July 2017.


Dusty but not dry

Stanhoe WI members learn the secrets of textile conservation from a National Trust expert.


Flower festival

The annual Festival of Flowers at Syderstone church starts on 5 August.


Calling Applegates

Does anyone have information on the Applegate family in this part of Norfolk?


Garden delights

WI members enjoy the sunshine for their July meeting.


July film

Hidden Figures (PG) is showing in Stanhoe on 7 July.


Tide times

Hunstanton 23 Aug
02:51 low (1.03m)
08:02 high (7.71m)
15:23 low (0.50m)
20:40 high (7.45m)

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Using webmail

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You can also continue to use the old mail server as long as you turn off SSL (so this method is less secure). In this case use port 143 for IMAP, port 110 for POP3, and port 25 for SMTP.